KAIST GSCT Ubiquitous Virtual Reality Laboratory
UVR Lab. was formed in Feb. 2001 at GIST to study and develop “Virtual Reality in Smart computing environments” that process multimodal input, perceive user’s intention and emotion, and respond to user’s request through Augmented Reality. Since 2012, UVR Lab moved to KAIST GSCT and restarted with a theme of “FUN in Ubiquitous VR.”

Ph.D. Alumni
Jaeeun Shin
E-mail: jaeeunshin@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: A User-Oriented Framework of Adaptive Narrative Space for Place-Independent Storytelling in Wearable Augmented Reality Environments / 착용형 증강현실 환경에서의 장소독립적 스토리텔링을 위한 사용자 중심의 적응적 서사 공간 디자인 프레임워크
Jinwoo Park
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
E-mail: jinwooaa@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Real-Time Lighting Estimation for Photorealistic Augmented Reality (2021. 8)
Gabyong Park
Research Engineer, NAVER CLOVA
E-mail: baeckgoo@gmail.com
Thesis: Pose Estimation of a Fast-moving Articulated Hand (2020. 8)
Jongwook Lee
Assistant Professor, Interactive Digital Heritage Lab, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage
E-mail: bellee21@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Risk management of architectural heritage in virtual reality (2019. 8)
Hyeongmook Lee
E-mail: hmlee@imlabworld.com
Thesis: Study on selection and manipulation of a distant subspace in wearable augmented reality (2017. 5)
Youngkyoon Jang
Research Associate, Personal Robotics Lab. (PRL) at Imperial College London
E-mail: youngkyoonjang@gmail.com, youngkyoon.jang11@imperial.ac.uk
Thesis: Context-driven Spatio-temporal Classifier for Articulated Hand Gesture Recognition (2015. 8.)
Taejin Ha
E-mail: ha@virnect.com
Thesis: Tangible User Interface based Virtual 3D Object Manipulation Method for Augmented Reality Authoring (2013. 2)
Kiyoung Kim
CTO and Managing Director, VIRNECT Vienna Research Center
E-mail: kiyoung.kim@daqri
Thesis: Scalable Tracking, Mapping, and Modeling in Parallel for Augmented Reality (2012. 8)
Hyoseok Yoon
Assistant Professor, School of computer Engineering, HANSHIN University
E-mail: hyoseok.yoon@gmail.com, hyoon@hs.ac.kr
Thesis: Enriching Control of End-Users by Active User Participation (2012. 2)
Wonwoo Lee
Senior Engineer, Samsung Digital Media and Communications R&D Center
E-mail: wonw.lee@samsung.com
Thesis: Multi-view Silhouette-based Modeling and Its Application to Mobile Augmented Reality (2012. 2)
Youngmin Park
Researcher, Qualcomm U.S.A. Research Center
E-mail: ejshvdl@gmail.com
Thesis: 3D Object Tracking for Augmented Reality: Handling Multiple Objects, Motion-Blur, and Lack of Texture (2012. 2)
Ahyoung Choi
Assistant Professor, Department of AI & Software, Gachon University
E-mail: choi.ahyoung@gmail.com
Thesis: Context-based Physiological Signal Sensing and Analysis for Affective Computing (2011. 8)
Sejin Oh
Senior Staff Research Engineer, Office of the CTO at Dolby Laboratories
E-mail: jini.sejinoh@gmail.com
Thesis: A Perceptual Attention Model for Intelligent Agents in AR Environments (2011. 8)
Youngjung Suh
Research Engineer, LG Electronics
E-mail: youngjung.suh@lge.com, youngjung.suh@gmail.com
Thesis: Study on Mobile Phone Guide for Enhancing User Experience in Cultural Heritage (2011. 8)
Yoosoo Oh
Associate Professor, Daegu University
E-mail: yoosoo.oh@gmail.com
Thesis: A Study on Context Integration for Context-Aware Applications in Smart Environments (2010. 8)
Choonsung Shin
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Culture, Chonnam National University
E-mail: choonsung2@gmail.com, cshin@jnu.ac.kr
Thesis: Multi-user Conflict Management for Context-aware Applications (2010. 2)
Youngho Lee
Professor, MNU UVR Lab, Mokpo National University
E-mail: youngho@ce.mokpo.ac.kr
Thesis: Development of a Personalized User Interface Framework for Seamless User Interaction in Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (2008. 2)
Sehwan Kim
Patent examiner, United States Patent and Trademark Office
E-mail: sehwan.kim@uspto.gov, sehnkim@gmail.com
Thesis: Indoor Scene 3D reconstruction Using Depth and Color Images (2006. 2)
Seiie Jang
Principal UX Designer, UX Center(Samsung Electronics Corporate Design Center)
E-mail: say.jang@samsung.com, jangsei@gmail.com
Thesis: Implementation of Context-Aware Application Model in Smart Environments (2005. 2)

Master Alumni
Chaewon Kim
UX/UI Designer, KT
E-mail: chaewonkim.uvr@gmail.com
Thesis: Single Button-Based Multi-Input Interaction by Combining the Gaze Pointer and Head Motion on AR Smart Glasses (2021.8)
Inhwa Yeom
PhD Student, Seoul National University
E-mail: yinhwa@snu.ac.kr
Thesis: Spatial Authoring of Virtual Exhibitions Using 3D Visualization of the Correlation among Artwork Metadata (2021.8)
Seogsung Jang
E-mail: ssjang812@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Object transfer and placement for seamless use of smart glasses and smartphones (2021.8)
Dooyoung Kim
E-mail: dooyoung.kim@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Adjusting relative translation gains according to space size in redirected walking for mixed reality mutual space generation (2021.02)
Liu Shuo
Product Manager, Onesight Technology
E-mail: liu001shuo@foxmail.com
Thesis: Comparing Pointer, Sketch and Hand Gesture in the 3D Workspace with MR Remote Collaboration System (2020.8)
Sunyoung Bang
E-mail: bbbbanga@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: The Effect of Placement and Size of Augmented Information on User Experience in a Smartphone - AR HMD Extended Display Environment (2020.8)
Seoyoung Oh
E-mail: seoyoung.oh@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Finger Contact in 3D Gesture Interaction to Improve Temporal Input Accuracy in HMD-based Augmented Reality (2020.2)
Jung Whie
Vision and Learning Laboratory (VL) KAIST
E-mail: whieya@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Accurate depth inference of multi-view stereo using deep neural network (2019.2)
Woojin Cho
E-mail: dnwls2416@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: 3D Object-grabbing Hand Tracking based on Prior Knowledge of Grasp (2019.2)
Boram Yoon
E-mail: boram.yoon1206@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: (The) effect of virtual avatar appearance on user's social presence in an augmented reality-based remote collaboration System (2018.8)
Joonhyun Choi
Senior Researcher, Samsung Electronics
E-mail: joonhyunchoi@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Video inpainting for foreground object removal using mask R-CNN and 3D convolutional auto-encoder (2018.8)
Hyunjin Lee
E-mail: clairehj517@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: A Study on Information Layout of Mobile Augmented Reality According to the Attention of Children (2018.2)
Jaeeun Shin
E-mail: jaeeunshin@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: A Connect-the-Dots Storytelling Framework to Remediate Multimedia Content at Multiple PoIs for AR Cultural Heritage Tour Guides (2018.2)
Jinwoo Jeon
E-mail: zkrkwlek@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Multiple Plane Estimation for Indoor Scene Reconstruction (2018.2)
Juyoung Lee
E-mail: ejuyoung@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Attention Model of Between and During Tasks based on Wearable Activity Tracking (2017.8)
Hyerim Park
E-mail: ilihot@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Metadata Schema Design for Supporting AR Spacetelling Framework Using TV Drama Clips (2017.2)
Ikbeom Jeon
E-mail: ikbeomjeon@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Egocentric Vision-based Real Time 26-DOF Hand Articulation Tracking Method using Object Attribute (2017.2)
Hayun Kim
E-mail: hayunkim@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Practical Use of KCHDM Ontology Standard in Development of Cultural Heritage Mobile AR Information Service -With a Case of Injeongjeon and the Vicinity (2016.8)
Jinwoo Park
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
E-mail: jinwooaa@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Instant Radiosity-based Global Illumination in AR Considering a Real-world Environment (2016.8)
Hyung-il Kim
E-mail: hyungil@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Smartwatch-assisted Robust 6-DOF Hand Tracking System for HMD-based Augmented Reality (2016.2)
Gabyong Park
E-mail: gypark@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: A Hand Pose Estimation with RGB-D Camera for Interaction with Virtual Objects in Augmented Reality(2014.9)
Nohyoung Park
E-mail: nypark@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: Complementary Inter-Camera Pose Management for Multiple 3D Object Tracking(2014.9)
Jea-In Kim
Kakao Brain
E-mail: jeainkim86@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: An Empirical Study on Enhancing Presence in Telecommunication Environment: With a Focus on Augmented Reality(2014.2)
Kyungwon Gil
Kakao Enterprise
E-mail: kgil@kaist.ac.kr
Thesis: AR PETITE THEATER:Influence about Childrens Empathy Behavior Using Augmented Reality Storybook(2014.2)
Woonhyuk Baek
Research Engineer, DAUM Kakao
E-mail: wbaek@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: Inter-camera Multiple Object Tracking for Mobile Augmented Reality (2011. 2)
Changgu Kang
Assistant Professor, Gyeongnam National University of Science
E-mail: ckang@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: 3D Widget-based U-VR Toolkit for Smart Home Simulation (2010. 2)
Jonghee Park
Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai Motors.
E-mail: jpark@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: Layout based Tracking for the Digilog Book (2010. 2)
Hunyong Shin
Senior Researcher, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
E-mail: jhan@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: Responsive Behavior Planning System for Context-aware Augmented Reality Agent (2009. 8)
Sewon Na
CEO, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
E-mail: rightsna@gmail.com
Thesis: Object Tracking using Below-Table Camera for Projector-based Interactive Table (2009. 8)
Hyeongmook Lee
E-mail: mook7511@gmail.com
Thesis: Cubical User Interface for Virtual Object Composition in Tangible Augmented Reality (2009. 2)
Kyungdahm Yun
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington
Thesis: Spatial Interface using Depth Camera for Augmented Reality (2009. 2)
Hyejin Kim
Senior Research Engineer, LG Electronics
E-mail: hyejin15.kim@lge.com
Thesis: Cross-ratio Based Natural View Object Recognition for Mobile Augmented Reality (2007. 8)
Hyoseok Yoon
Assistant Professor, School of computer Engineering, HANSHIN University
E-mail: hyoseok.yoon@gmail.com, hyoon@hs.ac.kr
Thesis: A Universal, Scalable and Intuitive Personal Mobile System for Ubiquitous Computing (2007. 8)
Jonghyun Han
Senior Researcher, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
E-mail: jhan@dtaq.re.kr
Thesis: u-Community Manager based on Social Networks for User-Centric Community in Ubiquitous Smart Space (2007. 8)
Taejin Ha
E-mail: hjinkim@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: Enhancing Immersiveness in Augmented Reality based Product Design Evaluation (2007. 8)
Umar Rashid
University College Dublin
Thesis: Selective Sharing of Personal Information in Context-aware Mobile Social Awareness Systems (2007. 8)
Woojin Jung
Research Engineerm, Samsung Electronics
E-mail: woojin1324.jung@samsung.com
Thesis: Location-based and User-centered Situation-Awareness Method exploiting ubiTrack (2007. 2)
Choonsung Shin
Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
E-mail: csshin@cs.cmu.edu, choonsung2@gmail.com
Thesis: Conflict Management in ubiTV Application for a Smart Home (2006. 2)
Youngmin Park
Researcher, Qualcomm U.S.A. Research Center
E-mail: ejshvdl@gmail.com
Thesis: Context-assisted Virtual Environment Navigation using Tangible User Interface (2006. 2)
Ahyoung Choi
Assistant Professor, Department of Software & AI, Gachon University
E-mail: aychoi@gachon.ac.kr, choi.ahyoung@gmail.com
Thesis: Sensing and Feature Extraction of Physiological Signal for Emotion Recognition (2005. 8)
Usman Sargaana

Thesis: Augmented Reality Keyboard System (2005. 8)
Seokmin Jung
Research Engineer, Samsung Electronics
Thesis: Infrared-based User Location-aware System for Indoor Environments (2005. 2)
Kiyoung Kim
Qualcomm Austria Research Center
E-mail: kkim@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: A Multi-view Camera Calibration for Image-based Virtual Environment (2004. 8)
Sechan Oh
Researcher, Korea Railroad Research Institute
Thesis: Stereoscopic Video Coding with Spatio-Temporal Scalability (2004. 8)
Sejin Oh
E-mail: jini.sejinoh@gmail.com
Thesis: A Study on User interface for Intuitive Interaction with Multimedia Contents (2004. 8)
Wonwoo Lee
Qualcomm U.S.A. Research Center
E-mail: contact.wlee@icloud.com
Thesis: Multi-view Silhouette-based Modeling and Its Application to Mobile Augmented Reality (2012. 2)
Dongpyo Hong
CRO, InfoMeditech
E-mail: dhong@gist.ac.kr
Thesis: Background Subtraction for a 3D Vision based User Interface (2004. 2)
Minkyung Lee
Research Associate, Technical University of Vienna
Thesis: 3D Vision-based Augmented Reality Keyboard System (2004. 2)
Seunghun Lee
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
E-mail: slee@kari.re.kr
Thesis: The User Identification Using the ubiFloor (2003. 8)
Yoosoo Oh
Professor, Daegu University
E-mail: yoosoo.oh@daegu.ac.kr
Thesis: A User-centered Pervasive Interface for Context-aware ubiHome Application (2003. 8)
Youngjung Suh
ICT Team Creative Innovation Center, Corporate R&D, LG Electronics
E-mail: youngjung.suh@lge.com, youngjung.suh@gmail.com
Thesis: Study on 2.5D Video Avatar Modeling for Networked VRPhoto System (2003. 8)



  • Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi (2018-04 ~ 2019-03)
  • Hyoseok Yoon (2013-09 ~ 2014-06)
  • Yoosoo Oh (2021-05 ~ 2012-08)
  • Wonwoo Lee (2012-02 ~ 2012-06)
  • Sébastien Duval (2010-01 ~ 2010-12), Inbound travel manager, Travel Stand Japan
  • Hedda Schmidtke (2006-00 ~ 2009-00), Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda
  • Rambabu Chinta (2006-01 ~ 2007-03), Research fellow, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore

Research Staff

  • Minha Kim (2021-04 ~ 2022-06)
  • Gabyong Park (2020-09 ~ 2021-11)
  • Juyoung Lee (2017-09 ~ 2021-08)
  • Taesoo Jang (2018-01 ~ 2020-12)
  • Jangyoon Kim (2017-06 ~ 2020-07)
  • Junki Kim (2017-01 ~ 2020-02)
  • Kihong Kim (2014-07 ~ 2019-00)
  • JuneKey Jeon (2017-06 ~ 2018-03)
  • JunHyeong Lee (2017-03 ~ 2018-02)
  • EunSeok Kim (2014-12 ~ 2017-12)
  • Jongwon Lee (2016-01 ~ 2017-08)
  • Jinwoo Jeon (2016-01 ~ 2016-06)
  • Seungtak Noh (2012-10 ~ 2015-12)
  • Hui Shyong Yeo (2013-01 ~ 2015-10)
  • Kyungwon Gil (2015-01 ~ 2015-05)
  • Seungwon Kim (2014-06 ~ 2014-10)
  • Hyeongmin Park (2012-02 ~ 2012-10)
  • Jaeseok Kim (2007-03 ~ 2008-08)
  • Goeun Park (2008-03 ~ 2008-07)
  • Sangeun Kim (2007-03 ~ 2007-08)
  • Kyuhyung Kim (2006-01 ~ 2007-02)
  • Youngil Lim (2006-01 ~ 2007-02)
  • Yunje Chang (2006-04 ~ 2007-02)
  • Sukkyung Kwon (2006-02 ~ 2006-08)
  • Dahee Kim (2005-03 ~ 2006-06)

Administrative Staff

  • Seonjeong Kang (2012-03 ~ 2016-04)

MS Program

  • Ning Zhang (2001-09 ~ 2002-12) from Beijing Polytechnic University, China
  • Luis Vasconez (2001-03 ~ 2001-08)

UNU/IIST Program

  • Amarbat Pashka (2001-08 ~ 2001-12) from National University of Mongolia, Mongolia
  • Phillip Fasina (2001-08 ~ 2001-12) from University of Lagos, Nigeria


  • Eunki Joung (2021-09 ~ 2022-02) from School of Computing, KAIST
  • Min Woo Song (2021-09 ~ 2022-02) from Dept. of Electrial Engineering, KAIST
  • Dooyoung Kim (2018-07 ~ 2018-08) from Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
  • Eric Hong (2018-06 ~ 2018-08) from MIT
  • Seungwon Do (2018-03 ~ 2018-06) from Dept. of Electrial Engineering, POSTECH
  • Anne Zhao (2017-09 ~ 2018-03) from Ecole centrale de Nantes
  • Sunyoung Bang (2017-07 ~ 2017-12) from BFA Visual Communication Design, Dept. of Crafts and Design, Seoul National University
  • Whie Jung (2017-01 ~ 2017-06) from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST
  • Woojin Cho (2017-01 ~ 2017-06) from Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
  • Hyunju Kim (2016-07 ~ 2016-08) from Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Ewha Womans University
  • Young Hoon Cho (2016-06 ~ 2016-08) from Dept. of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jaihee Kim (2016-01 ~ 2016-02) from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST
  • Jihyeok Jang (2016-01 ~ 2016-02) from Dept. of Industrial Design, KAIST
  • Seunghyo Kang (2016-01 ~ 2016-02) from Dept. of Computer Science, KAIST
  • Eunah Jung (2015-01 ~ 2015-12) from Dept. of Computer Science, KAIST
  • Sungsil Kim (2014-01 ~ 2015-12) from Dept. of Computer Science, KAIST
  • Minsik Oh (2015-07 ~ 2015-09) from Dept. of Computer Science, KAIST
  • Sunju Hwang (2015-07 ~ 2015-09) from Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Ewha W. Univ
  • Junsoo Park (2015-01 ~ 2015-05) from Dept. of Computer Science, KAIST
  • Jinyeob Kim (2015-01 ~ 2015-02) from Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, KAIST
  • Hyung-il Kim (2014-01 ~ 2014-02) from Dept. of Electrial Engineering, KAIST
  • Gabyong Park (2012-09 ~ 2012-12) from GSCT, KAIST
  • Jea-In Kim (2012-03 ~ 2012-08) from GSCT, KAIST
  • Minju Kim (2012-02 ~ 2012-06) from GSCT, KAIST


  • Hyeweon Kim (2019-01 ~ 2019-06) from Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, Korea
  • Thamas Matuszka (2015-09 ~ 2016-02) from Department of Information Systems, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary
  • Kyeongok Kang (2015-07 ~ 2015-07) from Broadcasting & Telecommunications Media Research Laboratory, ETRI
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