UVR Lab. was formed in Feb. 2001 at GIST to study and develop “Virtual Reality in Smart computing environments” that process multimodal input, perceive user’s intention and emotion, and respond to user’s request through Augmented Reality. Since 2012, UVR Lab moved to KAIST GSCT and restarted with a theme of “FUN in Ubiquitous VR.”
작성일 : 13-06-17
[UVR] 데모투어: Marc Pollefeys 교수 방문 (2013/06/07)
 글쓴이 : UVR
조회 : 11,924  
데모투어: Marc Pollefeys 교수 방문
  •  데모 일자: 2013년 6월 7일(금)
  •  데모 장소: KAIST 문화기술대학원 UVR 연구실
  •  데모 내용증강현실 체험
  •  방문자Prof. Marc Pollefeys (Homepage:
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