UVR Lab. was formed in Feb. 2001 at GIST to study and develop “Virtual Reality in Smart computing environments” that process multimodal input, perceive user’s intention and emotion, and respond to user’s request through Augmented Reality. Since 2012, UVR Lab moved to KAIST GSCT and restarted with a theme of “FUN in Ubiquitous VR.”

Foundation Course :
GCT501 문화기술론 (Introduction to Culture Technology)

Interdisciplinary Basic Courses :
GCT505 인간과컴퓨터상호작용 (Human-Computer Interaction)
GCT502 디지털시대의 미학 (Aesthetics in the Digital Age)

Interdisciplinary Advanced :
GCT700프로젝트기획특강 (Topics in Culture Technology project planning)

Core Courses for UVR Members :
GCT654 비쥬얼컴퓨팅 (Visual Computing)
GCT555 3D인터랙션디자인 (3D Interaction Design)
CS576  컴퓨터 비젼
CS580  컴퓨터그래픽스
CS676/EE643  패턴인식
CS684  인간과 컴퓨터 상호작용
EE535  영상처리
EE734  영상이해
EE735  컴퓨터를 이용한 시각기법
EE739  인지정보처리

Recommended Courses for UVR Members :
GCT522 컴퓨터 그래픽스이론 및 응용 (Computer Graphics Theory and Application)
GCT544 게임학 (Game Studies (Ludology))
GCT573 계산인지와 정서 (Computational Cognition and Emotion)
GCT622 디지털 크리쳐 (Digital Creatures)
GCT651 미디어인터랙션 디자인 (Media Interaction Design)
GCT653 가상현실 가상세계 (Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds)
GCT741 인간과 컴퓨터 상호작용 특강 (Topics in Human-Computer Interaction)
ID506  미디어 인터랙션 디자인 (Media Interaction Design)
ID508  사용자중심디자인 방법론 (User Centered Design Methodology)
ID603  미디어 디자인론 (Theory of Media Design)
ID606  감성디자인론 (Theory of Emotional Design)
ID706  인터페이스 디자인론 (Theory of Interface Design)