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 International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (ISUVR) is an international symposium for state of the art in research on ubiquitous virtual reality.  Emerging ubiquitous computing paradigm accelerates the convergence of different technologies to enrich the quality of services and user experience.  With this trends, for the past years, International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (ISUVR) has been a successful event where participants can exchange interdisciplinary research ideas about "Ubiquitous VR" with other researchers from different backgrounds.

7.29 Wed Program Description
1:00~1:05 Registration -
1:05~1:10 Opening Prof. Junghwa Kim (KAIST GSCT, DCH Forum Chair)
1:10~1:50 Baekje Historic Areas and World Heritage (40 mins) Kim Yunsu, Manager (Cultural Hertage Administration)
1:50~2:30 SKT T-AR, Augmented Reality Platform (40 mins) Kang Sangchul, Manager (SKT VE Tech Lab.)
2:30~3:10 Discussion (40 mins) -
3:10~3:30 Break (20 mins) -
3:30~5:40 Project: K-Culture Time Machine (130 mins) Project Researchers
5:40~6:00 Discussion (20 mins) -
6:00~ Banquet To be announced
7.30 Thr Program Description
12:00~1:00 Lunch Faculty Cafeteria
1:00~1:05 Registration (5 mins) -
1:05~1:20 Opening &Introduction (15 mins) Prof. Woontack Woo (KAIST GSCT)
1:20~2:20 Visual Correspondences: Descriptor and Labeling Optimization (60 mins) Prof. Dongbo Min (CNU, Computer Science and Engineering)
2:20~3:00 Virtual Simulation &Interaction Research at CGV연구실 (40 mins) Prof. Jinah Park(KAIST, Computer Science)
3:00~3:20 Break (20 mins) -
3:20~4:00 Rotating Your Face Using Multi-Task Deep Neural Network (40 mins) Prof. Junmo Kim (KAIST, Electrical Engineering)
4:00~4:40 Research Activities of Motion Computing Laboratory (40 mins) Prof. Sunghee Lee (KAIST, GSCT)
4:40~5:00 Break (20 mins) -
5:00~5:40 Introduction to Hyperspectral 3D Imaging (40 mins) Prof. Minhyuk Kim (KAIST, Computer Science)
5:40~6:20 introduction to Augmented Human in UVR era (40 mins) Prof. Woontack Woo
6:20~ Banquet Faculty Cafeteria
7.31 Fri Program Description
10:50~11:00 Opening &Introduction Prof. Woontack Woo
11:00~12:00 Invited Talk 1: Inferring Mirror Symmetric 3D Shapes from Sketches (60 mins) Prof. Frederic Cordier (University of Haute Alsace, University of Strasbourg, France)
12:00~1:00 Lunch Faculty Cafeteria
1:00~2:00 Invited Talk 2: Feature-based Matching of Animated Meshes (60 mins) Hyewon Seo, Ph.D.(France CNRS, University of Strasbourg)
2:00~2:05 Closing Prof. Woontack Woo