AR Toy Car Making: Tangible Cube Interface based Screw-driving interaction
April 9, 2012 | video, 9626views

Uploaded by GIST CTI on May 6, 2010
Screw-Driving (SD) technique is based on the real world condition where two or more real objects are joined together using a screw and screw-driver. If a person turns the screw-driver clockwise, the two target objects are fastened, while a counterclockwise rotation loosens two targets that are already screwed together. The SD method based on two tangible cube interface uses this same metaphor to join virtual objects with visual guidance (active axis with bounding box and directional corner buttons). The screw-driving technique can also support axis change by the help of additional button input so 3D positioning is also possible. Here we show an example to make an AR toy Car.
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