UVR Lab. was formed in Feb. 2001 at GIST to study and develop “Virtual Reality in Smart computing environments” that process multimodal input, perceive user’s intention and emotion, and respond to user’s request through Augmented Reality. Since 2012, UVR Lab moved to KAIST GSCT and restarted with a theme of “FUN in Ubiquitous VR.” You may find exciting recent research information in the research section. The published papers are available for free download at the publications page.

Acronym & Logo

UVR Lab.= Ubiquitous Virtual Reality Laboratory


2020 February 이종욱 박사 한국전통문화대학교 교수 취임

2019 August 윤효석 박사 한신대학교 교수 취임
2019 August 신춘성 박사 전남대학교 교수 취임

2018 August 13th ISUVR 개최 [web]

2017 June 12th ISUVR 개최 [web]

2016 August 11th ISUVR 개최 [web]
2016 February 최아영 박사 가천대학교 교수 취임

2015 June 10th ISUVR 개최 [web]

2014 December 9th ISUVR 개최 [web]

2013 July 8th ISUVR 개최

2012 September 오유수 박사 대구대학교 교수 취임
2012 August 7th ISUVR 개최
2012 February KAIST UVR Lab 설립

2011 July 6th ISUVR 개최

2010 July 5th ISUVR 개최

2009 September MNU UVR Lab. 설립 (지도: 이영호 교수)
2009 July 4th ISUVR 개최

2008 July 3rd ISUVR 개최

2007 September GIST CTI 설립
2007 July 2nd ISUVR 개최

2006 July 1st ISUVR 개최

2005 September Established CTRC (Culture Technology Research Center) at GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
2005 April 1st ubiPCMM 개최
2005 February GIST UVR Lab 1호 박사 배출 (장세이)
2005 January 3rd Joint Workshop on UVR 개최

2004 January 2nd Joint Workshop on UVR 개최

2002 January 1st Joint Workshop on UVR 개최

2001 February GIST UVR Lab. 설립

Address. (34141)KAIST N5 #2325,
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu,
Republic of Korea
Phone. +82-42-350-5923