Digilog book - 조선의 과학기술
April 9, 2012 | video, 9352views

Uploaded by GIST CTI on Oct. 25, 2010
Digilog Book Series 2

We implemented "Digilog Book" by using our maker-less tracking method. As shown in the video, we overlaid 3D models onto each page to provide Augmented Reality experience to users. The system worked in real-time; more than 30 fps in modern PCs or laptops. And it can support more than 300 pages (the maximum number is not tested yet) without losing real-time performance.

This video shows a simple extended version that exploits virtual buttons attached onto each page. Two virtual buttons work for triggering animations of 3D models.

About tracking, please refer our work proposed in

Kiyoung Kim, V. Lepetit, and W. Woo, "Scalable real-time planar targets tracking for digilog books",
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