Keyframe-based Modeling and Tracking of Multiple 3D Objects
April 9, 2012 | video, 9731views

Uploaded by GIST CTI on Nov. 8, 2010
We propose a real-time solution for modeling and tracking multiple 3D objects in unknown environments.
Our contribution is two-fold:
First, we show how to scale with the number of objects. This is done by combining recent techniques for image retrieval and online Structure from Motion,which can be run in parallel. As a result, tracking 40 objects in 3D can be done within 6 to 25 milliseconds per frame,even under difficult conditions for tracking.
Second, we propose a method to let the user add new objects very quickly.
The user simply has to select in an image a 2D region lying on the object. A 3D primitive is then fitted to the features within this region, and adjusted to create the object 3D mode. In practice, this procedure takes less than a minute.
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