“DreamHouse”: NUI-based Photo-realistic AR Authoring System for Interior Design
April 3, 2016 | video, 8613views

Jinwoo Park, Sung Sil Kim, Hyerim Park, Woontack Woo, "DreamHouse: NUI-based Photo-realistic AR Authoring System for Interior Design,"Proceedings of the 7th Augmented Human International Conference 2016. ACM, 2016.

This paper proposes a system which enables users to have enhanced interior deigning and authoring tool through augmented reality (AR). The proposed system, which we refer to as DreamHouse, focuses on providing natural user interaction and realistic AR experience by enabling following features: 1) allowing users to utilize bare-hand interaction with an attached egocentric RGB-D camera when trying to make detail adjustments to virtual objects' size, location and orientation, 2) rendering every virtual object in consideration of an environment and lighting conditions, creating photo-realistic scenes to help users to have immersive and realistic interior designing experience. As a result, DreamHouse allows users to freely and easily interact in physical space with virtual objects using bare hands and gives immersive and realistic AR authoring experience to users through photo-realistic rendering.

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