Deep Learning for Extended display (DL4E)
April 4, 2019 | video, 6486views
"Augmentation of Visual Experiences using Deep Learning for Peripheral Vision based Extended Display Application"In Proceeding of IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2019. Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi, Hochul Cho, and Woontack WooKAIST Augmented Reality Research Center 

We propose the system that provides an immersive experience by automatically extending the video content of the TV to the wall. Though it is possible to manually create the appropriate content that works on the existing TV screen, the cost is too expensive to create. The proposed deep neural network uses the center of the video as input and the outside area as output. The trained network automatically generates the extrapolated video according to the input video and a projector projects the resulting content on the living room wall around the TV thereby improving the immersive feeling. The proposed system is expected to pave a new road to the home appliance industry by transforming the living room into the new immersive experience platform.
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